Finding the Perfect Dress

FInding the perfect dress for your wedding is a process—some women are lucky enough to find their dream dress in the first dress they try on, but for most brides it takes a few more. While we can’t guarantee you’ll find your dream dress that fast, we can give you a few tips for making the process go a little smoother and hopefully a little quicker. 


Get Ready 


While you by no means need to get fully glam the way you will on your wedding day, coming to the shop with makeup on and your hair put together makes it easier to picture yourself in the dress on your wedding day. The difference between seeing yourself with a little mascara on and your hair done versus no makeup and a messy bun could be the difference between a yes and a no with a dress!

Wear the Right Undergarments


Come wearing undergarments you expect to wear on your wedding day. If you’re planning on wearing any shapewear, bring it to the appointment! You’ll want to see yourself looking as close as possible to how you’ll look on the day of. We also recommend wearing a strapless bra so you can see what the dress’s neckline looks like without having to imagine it without your bra straps interfering. 

Clips Are Your Best Friend


When trying on dresses, you’re trying on samples in sizes closest to your own, so it might not fit perfectly. This is where clips come in! We use clips to pin the dress so that you have a better idea of what it will look like when it arrives made for your measurements. Using clips makes your appointment much easier, and allows you to imagine your wedding day better. 

What If You Don’t Know What You Want? 


So you’re coming into your appointment unsure what type of dress you’re looking for—no problem! We recommend trying on one dress in every silhouette (A-line, fit and flare, ball gown, and mermaid) and going from there. You’ll immediately know which shapes you like best on your body, and can narrow down which styles you like best from there. 

Ready to find your dream wedding dress? Book an appointment with us at Belles and Beaus and let our trained stylists help you find the perfect wedding dress.