How To: Tuxedo Shopping

As the bride, you are undeniably the star of the show on your wedding day. You know you and your bridesmaids will look gorgeous, but have you considered what your husband-to-be and his groomsmen will wear on the big day? After all, they’ll be in the pictures, too! Here is a helpful guide to picking out the best tuxedos for your future hubby and his entourage.



As the masculine support for your groom and, let’s be honest, backdrop for your bridesmaids, your groomsmen should wear neutral-colored tuxedos, such as black, navy, and beige. Depending on the season of your ceremony, you may want to consider lighter shades in the spring and summer, and darker shades in the fall and winter.



Tuxedos come in a variety of fits, which determine how closely the garments hug their wearer. We recommend selecting a style that offers multiple fit options to better accommodate different builds and sizes. Industry standards for appropriate lengths call for coat sleeves that reach the wrist bone, and pants that hit just below the top of the dress shoes. Of course, adjustments can be made to fit individual tastes, but being well-versed in industry standards can help maintain a consistent look throughout your wedding party. 



There are also several tuxedo accessories that can help differentiate the groom from his groomsmen. You can consider adding a pocket square to your husband-to-be’s attire that contrasts the color selected for the groomsmen’s jackets, or opting for a single bow-tie in an ensemble of Windsor ties.

Bridal Stylists can offer many suggestions to help turn your vision into reality, so we recommend discussing the look you’re working towards with your stylist when shopping.