Things to Know When Renting a Tuxedo

In the world of tuxedos, we know at Belles & Beaus that prom season is as busy as it gets! It can be challenging to know when and where to start, so here are some helpful tips to guide you through renting a tuxedo for prom:



Start Early

First, we recommend beginning the tuxedo rental process about two months before your prom. When you come into Belles & Beaus, you should plan to spend at least 30 minutes in our boutique to browse our collection, select your suit, and have your measurements taken. Neither tuxedos nor dress shoes fit the way that your street clothes do, so we’ll have a stylist ready to measure your body and determine the size you’ll need. 





There are several tuxedo fits to choose from, ranging from traditional, relaxed fits, to ultra slim fits. Most rental tuxedos can accommodate a few sizes, and it’s important to note that even the narrowest of fits won’t be skin-tight. This means that you can achieve the modern, refined appeal of a slim-fitting suit, without sacrificing having plenty of room to breathe. Talk to your stylist about the look you’re after, and let us know if you wear a wide-size shoe.

Pricing + Alterations

After you have finished shopping and completed your fitting, a non-refundable deposit of half the total tuxedo rental price is required for us to order your tux. You can also opt to pay the full amount, which ranges from $115 to $180. Your tuxedo will arrive the week of your prom, and we’ll call you as soon as we receive it to have you drop by to try it on and pick it up. We can make additional adjustments if needed. If you’re worried about something not fitting correctly, we can certainly make last-minute fixes and arrange to have your tux ready on time, as long as you come in on the day you receive our call.

A few words of advice:

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of taking care of your tuxedo once you take it home. Heat can damage the high-quality fabrics of your garments, as well as your dress shoes, so we recommend that you avoid leaving your tux or shoes in your car if it’s hot outside. Finally, once you’ve danced the night away at prom, you’ll have the rest of the weekend to gather all of your rental pieces up, and return them to our store by 6:00 PM the Monday after your special night to prevent any unwanted late fees.

Ready to get prom ready? Visit us online or in stores at Belles & Beaus today!