Ups & Downs of Bridal Entourages

One of the best ways to make wedding dress shopping a fun, exciting experience is to bring a few of your favorite people along to your appointment. You’ll be grateful to be surrounded by loved ones whose opinions you trust to help you find the perfect dress, as well as celebrate along with you when you do. That being said, if you want your bridal appointment to go by flawlessly, we recommend that you select your guests carefully. Here are a few things to consider:



Mixing Family & Friends


Your best friends and several family members both want to join you for your appointment, and we understand that you’ll want them all there. Although this certainly can be a positive combination that provides you a full range of perspectives, there is an unfortunate possibility that mixing the two can create a power struggle. Both groups may want to be the voice you listen to, so we recommend that you thoughtfully consider the people you want to invite and how their personalities will work with one another. A word of advice: every bride has a special person whose opinion they value above all. Bring that person, and remember that less can often be best.



Too Many Opinions



The last thing you want is to become overwhelmed by too many opinions. If you are a highly opinionated person, then you won’t have trouble warding off unwanted comments and standing your ground, but if you aren’t a highly opinionated person, we suggest that you be cautious about bringing a guest who is, because they may cause you to feel rushed or pressured to select a dress before you’ve even had time to think about what you really want. The majority of bridal shops don’t offer refunds, so don’t end up stuck with a dress you feel lukewarm about. 



The Upsides



We understand that these factors can be very stressful to consider, so we want to take a moment to reassure you that a bridal entourage is ultimately a wonderful support system to have at your side. Make sure to confirm with your bridal shop that they can accommodate the size of your group, and check out our Very Important Brides Experience (V.I.B.E) appointments  to reserve the whole boutique for just your group! Together, you and your entourage will find the perfect wedding dress, and make once-in-a-lifetime memories along the way. 

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