Wedding Dress Journey

Buying a wedding dress is one of the biggest parts of planning your wedding, so it’s key to plan your purchase around the timeline of your wedding. Often, we find brides aren’t aware of exactly how long the wedding dress purchasing process will take—so we’re giving you a timeline of what to expect. 

After You Say Yes


Once you’ve gotten a ring and start planning your wedding, you’ll want to take care of a few things before you begin shopping for your wedding dress. Before you begin shopping, we highly recommend you find your venue and book a date—knowing the season of your wedding and what you’ll be surrounded by is key when choosing your wedding dress. 

8-10 Months in Advance


This may sound long, but you should aim to buy your wedding dress 8-10 months in advance of your wedding date. Your wedding dress is not like buying a typical garment: it’s a high-end, couture piece that takes several months for your designer to construct. Materials must be sourced, each piece must be sewn, and embellishments must be placed, which can take several months to come together. 

2 Months in Advance


Once your gown arrives, you’ll enter the alterations process. No worries—you’ll likely only need small alterations, like raising the hemline of your gown. You’ll have multiple fittings, generally 2-3, before your gown is completely altered. Alterations are key for ensuring your wedding dress fits perfectly. 

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